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In conjunction with Hanson's 2008 "The Walk" Tour, Hanson has designed a pair of TOMS shoes called "Great Divide Shoes." The shoes are white with red running men on the front. "We can conquer this great divide" is written on one side; "Take the Walk" is on the other. Nice! (Thank you Hanson.net for the pictures.) In addition to the shoes, a special Great Divide Card is included with the purchase. With the card, you can download a special Acoustic Version of Great Divide, as well as the Album Version of Great Divide. (The card is available separately for $10. See a pic of the card here.) The shoes/card will be available at www.tomsshoes.com as well as the 2008 leg of "The Walk" tour.

Will we see more Hanson shoes in the future? Only time will tell!

Great Divide Shoe Great Divide Shoe

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