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Total Buttons / Pins: 44

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For years, the only set of official Hanson buttons / pins that existed was released on Hanson's first tour, the Albertane Tour, in 1998. Buttons / pins were not a popular retail item for Hanson until 20 years later, when Hanson released a number of different pins to commemmorate 20 years of being a band. Unofficial and promo buttons are listed below as well.

Official Buttons / Pins
Official Button / Pin Count: 16

Albertane Tour Buttons
Albertane Tour Buttons (1998)

Set of 4 Albertane Tour buttons, released in 1998 and are extremely hard to find today.
Lapel Pin - MON Lapel Pin - TTA Lapel Pin - Underneath Lapel Pin - The Walk Lapel Pin - SIO Lapel Pin - Anthem Album Lapel Pins (6)

Series of lapel pins celebrating Hanson's 6 studio albums.
Lapel Pin - Hanson Logo Hanson Logo

Hanson logo pin.
Lapel Pin - Symbol Hanson Symbol

Hanson symbol pin.
Lapel Pin - Symbol Hanson Symbol (Black)

Hanson symbol pin.
Lapel Pin - Albertane Albertane Tour

Albertane Tour pin.
Lapel Pin - Albertane String Theory

String Theory pin.
Lapel Pin - Albertane String Theory

I <3 String Theory pin.

Retail Buttons / Pins
Retail Button / Pin Count: 21

Promotional Buttons / Pins
Promo Button / Pin Count: 7

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