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Total Official Calendars: 8

Hanson has released a variety of official calendars over the years. Some of them have special Hanson anniversaries, holidays, and even discount codes! Check them out below.

click to view a larger image 1998 Calendar

Hanson's first official calendar.
click to view a larger image 1999 Calendar

Hanson released a follow-up calendar in 1999.
click to view a larger image 2006 Calendar

Several years passed before Hanson released another calendar. This calendar goes into detail about specific Hanson events, like album & video releases, the start date of their major tours, the birth of Hanson.net ... and even doughnut day. ;-)
click to view a larger image 2007-2008 Calendar

Hanson released an 18-month 2007-2008 calendar (January 2007-June 2008), also filled with Hanson dates.
click to view a larger image click to view a larger image 2012 Calendar

2012 12-month calendar, filled with artwork from the Shout It Out album.
click to view a larger image 2013 Calendar

2013 13-month calendar. This calendar celebrates 20 years of Hanson being a band and has special photos and information from 1992-the present. Each month has discount codes that can be used in the Hanson.net Store.

1998 Sticker Calendar:
(came with limited editions of the Japanese Snowed In)

January 1998 Japan - February 1998 Japan - March 1998 Japan - April 1998
Japan - May 1998 Japan - June 1998 Japan - July 1998 Japan - August 1998
Japan - September 1998 Japan - October 1998 Japan - November 1998 Japan - December 1998

1998 Calendar:
(came with limited editions of the Taiwanese Snowed In.)

Taiwan - 1998 Calendar - Front. Limited Editions of the Taiwanese Snowed In came with a 1998 calendar. The calendar has six cards - one side has one month, and the reverse cside had a different month. I have scanned each month for you. Taiwan - 1998 Calendar - Back
Taiwan - January 1998 Taiwan - February 1998 Taiwan - March 1998 Taiwan - April 1998
Taiwan - May 1998 Taiwan - June 1998 Taiwan - July 1998 Taiwan - August 1998
Taiwan - September 1998 Taiwan - October 1998 Taiwan - November 1998 Taiwan - December 1998

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