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Compilation CDs

CD Count: 298

All Hanson (Music) | All Hanson (Interviews) | Various Artists | Karaoke/Party Music | Other

Compilation CDs featuring Hanson are interesting because they come in several different categories. I have divided these CDs into five major sections:

1. All Hanson - Music (CDs that feature 100% Hanson music that are not albums, singles, or EPs, like the MMMBop: The Collection.)
2. Interview CDs (CDs that feature Hanson interviews, like Star Profiles.)
3. Various Artists (CDs that feature at least one Hanson track + tracks from other artists, like the Jack Frost soundtrack. This section is the largest by far.)
4. Karaoke/Party Music (CDs that feature karaoke Hanson tracks/music.)
5. Other (Other artists/groups who cover Hanson's music, like the Baha Men.)

Note: In each category, the CDs are listed by release date to the best of my knowledge. No catalog numbers are available.

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