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Save Me

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Save Me is tricky. After Hanson released If Only during the summer of 2000, there was talk that the third single was going to be "Runaway Run" or "Save Me." While Hanson did record a music video for Save Me, it was played overseas and never aired in the US. US Radio stations were unclear as to what the third Hanson single was, and there were reports of stations playing a variety of songs from the This Time Around album, including Runaway Run and Can't Stop. Mexico ignored Save Me entirely and released a promo edition of Wish That I Was There, the only country to do so.

Despite the Save Me confusion, at least one promo single exists from overseas.

click to view a larger image UK (?) - Promo
No Catalog Number

The only known Save Me promo (that I know of). One track, "for promotional use only" written at the bottom of the sleeve.

1. Save Me (Album Version)

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