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Common Terms

Below are some common terms used throughout this web site.

Bootleg: A bootleg is an item that is not produced by Hanson or by a reputable company. Bootleg items are typically cheap knock-offs of a legitimate item.
Import: An import item is any item sold outside of your country of origin. I live in the United States, so any item that is made outside of the United States is an "import" for me.
Official: An official item is an item produced by Hanson themselves or any of their record label affiliates around the world. Official items often bear Hanson's record label logo(s), symbol(s) or trademarks.
Promo / Promotional: A promotional item is any item that is not to be sold in stores. The words "For promotional use only - not for sale" is typically found on promotional CDs, vinyl, and other items.
Retail / Unofficial: A retail/unofficial item is an item that can be found in for sale in stores, whether online or in a physical location, but was not produced by Hanson or their record company. A retail item will always refer to an unofficial, not-released-by-Hanson item.

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