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Official Jewelry Count: 8

Stores and other retail outlets released some unofficial Hanson jewelry, namely necklaces with Hanson's picture on them.

Hanson Amulet Amulet (Pop Rocky)
Release Date: 1997

Cute silver amulet from Pop Rocky magazine with an embossed image of Hanson on it!
Hanson Charm Charm (Pop Rocky)
Release Date: 1997

Silver charm from Pop Rocky magazine that says "Hanson."
Hanson Necklace Necklace
Release Date: 1997

This necklace has an image of Hanson with "H Hanson" written in bold yellow letters.
Hanson Necklace Necklace - Star Pendants
Release Date: 1997

This Hanson necklace was released by Star Pendants. There is an picture of Hanson with the Hanson logo at the bottom of the picture.
Hanson Necklace Necklace - Book Chains
Release Date: 1997

This Hanson necklace was released by Book Chains. The image is identical to the above necklace, just released by a different company.
Ike/Tay/Zac Necklaces Necklaces - Ike/Tay/Zac (3)
Release Date: 2000

These unofficial necklaces have a picture of Isaac, Taylor, and Zac on a 26" ball chain. Cute!

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