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Merchandise Mysteries

There are several Hanson merchandise items that I have heard of, but cannot confirm or deny their existence. Some I have mentioned briefly in other sections of the site - others, I have not, because I have so little information about them. So, I will simply list these items here. This section is mostly for my own knowledge, so I do not forget these things over time. ;-) For all I know, these items could all be wild rumors, with no basis in fact. Hopefully, by posting this, someone will know about these items and come forward. If you have any information to add, send me an e-mail, won't you?

Mystery #1 - Middle of Nowhere Vinyl (Record)
As discussed on the Vinyl page, there has been rumored existence of Middle of Nowhere on vinyl. I have heard stories of fans seeing the record in stores in 1997, but I have never seen an actual picture of the vinyl on the Internet. Still, I am convinced that this record is out there somewhere. One day, I will get to the bottom of this mystery!

Mystery #2 - Middle of Nowhere Promo CD - Origin Unknown
As discussed on the MON page, there has been much talk of a possible first edition run of Middle of Nowhere with Hanson wearing their maroon clothing. Although pictures of this rumored cover appear on several MMMBop singles and promos, it is uncertain as to whether any albums were actually pressed with this cover.

Mystery #3 - Middle of Nowhere Japanese CD - Missing Track?
When Middle of Nowhere was released in Japan in 1997, some claimed that certain editions of the album were missing the track "A Minute Without You." The CD went from track 9, I Will come To You, directly to track 11, Madeline. Whether any albums were pressed without the track "A Minute Without You" is unclear. Similarly, other editions of Middle of Nowhere, possibly US editions, or others, were rumored to be missing the bonus track, "Man From Milwaukee." Whether this was intentional in some countries, or a mistake, is not known.

Mystery #4 - Middle of Nowhere Australian CD - Bonus VCD?
According to a fan's web site, and other sources that have long since vanished, Australia released a limited edition version of Middle of Nowhere with a bonus VCD containing four Hanson music videos. The track listing is not known, although a logical guess would be MMMBop, Where's The Love, I Will Come To You, and Weird. Aside from this web site and other obscure mentions, nothing else about this CD/VCD combo is known, and no pictures of it have ever surfaced.

Mystery #5 - Where's The Love Japanese 3" Single
Online music store Eil.com specializes in rare and hard to find items. It lists this rarity: A Japanese 3" Where's The Love CD single, released in 1997, catalog #PHDR-952. Eil is the only place I have ever seen such a CD listed, anywhere. I am not entirely sure if the listing is to be believed; I have done multiple searchers using the catalog # and other keywords, hoping to find something (anything), and have not been successful.

Mystery #6 - Seasons Greetings / Pop and Snow
When Snowed In was released in 1997, several online stores listed a Japanese import of the album with two unique titles: (1) "Seasons Greetings", and (2) "Pop and Snow", instead of "Snowed In." Despite these listings appearing at various online stores (this Japanese store has two listings for "Pop and Snow") I have not known anyone to actually own an album that was pressed with either title, nor have I seen any pictures to confirm they really exist. After, quite literally, years of pondering this mystery and not seeing any real evidence to support this CD's existence, I have come to a conclusion that "Season's Greetings" and "Pop and Snow" are nothing more than synonyms for the album, and that no actual CDs were pressed with these titles. I could, however, be wrong about this ... but so far, I have no evidence to the contrary.

Mystery #7 - Underneath Vinyl (Record)
When Underneath was released in 2004, I remember hearing rumors that Underneath was released in vinyl somewhere overseas. Unfortunately, I do not know any more than that, and no Underneath vinyl has yet been sighted.

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