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Past Updates

April 11, 2007

Australian CD & DVD titled "Video Hits: More Hits" have been added to the Australian Compilations section and the Misc. DVD section.

April 8, 2007

13 magazines added to the US, German, and Australian sections...

US: 10
1. BB (September 1997)
2. BB (October 1998)
3. Bop (June 1998)
4. Faces in Pop (November 1997)
5. Hit Sensations (Vol. 1, Number 2)
6. Just Tay!
7. Superstars (June 1998)
8. SuperTeen (August 1997)
9. SuperTeen (July 1998)
10. SuperTeen (September 1998)

Germany: 2
1. Neue Woche (January 1998)
2. Popcorn (July 1997)

Australia: 1
1. TV Hits Summer Special (Mini Mag)

April 2, 2007

The Chinese bootleg madness has started! Two very different Chinese versions of The Walk have surfaced; pictures are available in The Walk section. I wonder how many different versions we will have for The Walk. If Underneath is any indication...there will be a lot!

p.s. When the new layout comes, for each album, single, etc. there will be different sections for promo, retail, and 'bootleg/questionable' CDs. Stay tuned for that.

March 28, 2007

An Albertane shirt with three rings of dates on the back has been added to the 1998 Shirts section.

March 20, 2007

New items added today:

Chinese UAL DVD
Russian Underneath CD (front & back)

March 12, 2007

A new official Hanson keychain has been added to the Keychains section; the Keychain section has been organized into 'Official' and 'Retail' sections.

March 7, 2007

A new 2007 Hanson shirt has been added! This shirt was sold at the four "preview" shows for Hanson's new album The Walk.

March 1, 2007

The Japanese edition of The Walk has been added to The Walk section.

February 21, 2007

Hanson's 4th studio album, The Walk, is released in Japan today! Buy your copy at CD Japan or HMV Japan. CD Japan's site is easiest to navigate, but HMV Japan seems to have slightly faster shipping *and* their orders come with a bonus Hanson sticker & postcard. (I am unsure if CD Japan orders come with these freebies.) More info, scans, etc., are coming as soon as possible! Want to send some scans? E-mail me at!

February 19, 2007

New addition: Brazil promo compilation CD for Lacos de Familia.

front cover
back cover + CD

February 17, 2007

Two cassettes added:

1. The Best of Hanson: Live & Electric (Indonesia)
2. If Only (UK)

February 12, 2007

A Go singles section has been added with information about the three singles being released in the UK in April 2007. Other Go singles + promos will be added when they become available. If you have anything to add, drop me a line!

February 9, 2007

Who wants a new layout?! Meeeeee! Well, it isn't ready just yet, but the site is slowly but surely coming together. Get pumped!!! There is no real "update" today - I am being cruel, I know! ;-)

To make up for it, here is a special clip of a very rare Weird remix - Greg & Joey's Radio Edit. Enjoy!

Weird (Greg & Joey's Radio Edit)

January 29, 2007

Three vinyl records added to the Vinyl section:

1. 12" US MMMBop promo
2. 7" UK MMMBop promo
3. 7" Malaysia MMMBop promo

January 25, 2007

Check out this rare TTA media folder from Germany. It comes with a This Time Around CD that is a 'snippet' CD. It plays a minute or so of every song from the TTA album. I love it!!

Media Folder - Front
Media Folder - Back
Media Folder - Page w/CD
Media Folder - CD

January 22, 2007

A new If Only promo was added to the If Only section.

January 20, 2007

3 magazines added today:

1. TOTP - November 1997
2. TOTP - bonus Hanson poster mag
3. Tiger Beat - July 2000

January 13, 2007

Three CDs added today: This Time Around from Malaysia, Underneath from Malaysia, and a new The Walk promo from the UK.

January 8, 2007

Four compilation CDs added:

From the UK:
1. Now Number 1's (2006)
2. Guilty Pleasures: Shameless, Blameless Fun (2006)
3. Ultimate Boy Bands (2006)

From Australia:
1. Hits for Kids Pop Party Volume 2 (2006)

January 3, 2007

European TTMON VHS added to the TTMON section.

January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

I hope that everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season! This is going to be a big year for Hanson, with a new album release on the way! I can't wait to see what the year will bring! As always, bookmark this site and keep checking back for the latest and greatest in the world of hanson merchandise!

Today's Update: Indonesia "MMMBop Promo Tour" ad added to the Ads - Misc section.

December 28, 2006

A LFA promo photo and a Japanese Snowed In promo CD have been added. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!!!

December 22, 2006

2 This Time Around albums from Russia and Singapore added. Very rare stuff!

December 19, 2006

12 magazines added...

Brazil - 7
1. Hanson (Book Cards)
2. Hits Pop Especial
3. Revista Poster Calendario
4. Super Fan Club Magazine
5. TV Garota (Y1, N1)
6. TV Garota (Y1, N3)
7. TV Mania (N1)

United States - 5
1. 16 (March 1999)
2. Bop (Fall 1999)
3. Superstars (August 1998)
4. Superteen (October 1997)
5. Teen Beat (January 1999)

December 14, 2006

Several updates are in order...

1. Two items have been added to the Store: a coffee mug and a keychain. Pictures of both are available here courtesy of the Store. The coffee mug is in the Other section (scroll to the bottom) and the keychain is in the Keychains section.

2. The Great Divide shirt has been added to the 2006 shirts section.

3. I started a section for The Walk and have put basic information about a new sampler from the UK. Promos are just starting to surface now, so no doubt more CDs will be added in the very near future...keep checking back for the latest!

4. Four album advertisements have been added to the Ads section (at the bottom). Two are from the United States and two are from The Netherlands.

December 11, 2006

A new Underneath singles section has been added today featuring an Underneath promo from Mexico. This is the first (& only?) promo for Underneath that I know of!

A Christmas compilation CD from Denmark has also been added.

December 7, 2006

I have put 30 new magazine posters in a new Posters section called Magazine Posters. This is a place to show off all of the poster magazines and other 8-page posters that have been printed in magazines since 1997. There are 47 in all, but I know I have two more lying around somewhere. I'm sure there are others. If you have an 8-page poster to add, please send a picture my way and tell me what magazine it is from, if you can. Thanks!

December 2, 2006

Biography Today, a book featuring Hanson that was published in January 1998, has been added here.

November 27-29, 2006

Great Divide, Hanson's charity single that will benefit an HIV Unit in Soweto, South Africa, is being released to iTunes this week. The UK & European iTunes will start selling the single on November 27; the US iTunes will carry it starting November 28. Cover art has been added to the iTunes section. Also, a Hanson EP released exclusively to the UK iTunes back in 2005 has been added to the section as well.

An issue of Break Out! magazine has been added to The Netherlands section.

The 2007 calendar & the "Freshly Squeezed" tee have been added to the calendars & 2006 shirts sections.

November 25, 2006

Three additional CDs added to the Various Artists - Denmark CD section...

1. Hits for Kids
2. Simply the Best of the 90s
3. Remember the 90s

November 21, 2006

The Van Wilder 2 soundtrack hits stores today in the US. Hanson has a brand new track on this CD called "The Ugly Truth." Save yourself the trouble of hunting down the soundtrack at stores (it is nearly impossible to find - believe me I've looked) and order it off of The CD is listed in the US Various Artists section, and I'll post more pics when I get the CD.

Also, the Store has added two new items - a new t-shirt and a 2007 calendar. They are so cool! I'll post pictures of both items when I receive them. :-)

November 20, 2006

Three compilation CDs added today:

Road Hits Box from Germany
UX - Premium on Music from Japan
Absolute Music 16 from Denmark

The Denmark section is new...I moved Absolute Music 15 there as well.

November 17, 2006

Two magazines added to the Aussie section ... TV Hits Spinoff 2 & 3. More mags coming shortly (they just keep coming, I tell ya...)

November 14, 2006

Hi folks!

A few new things today: a cute Hanson notepad in the Other section and a Hanson keychain in the Keychains section. Both items are from Australia - thanks to Aussie Hanson for telling me about these several months back. I'm just now getting to it ;-)

Speaking of, both of these sections are sort of...well, unorganized. I'll fix that. I'm in the middle of rearranging the Stickers section and that should be ready in a few days. You won't even recognize it when I'm through...and I'm adding so many stickers & explanations of where they all came from. So. Many. New. Stickers. Around 100. Really. Check back ;-)

November 7, 2006

I swear. This whole Smash Hits/TV Hits thing has been driving me nuts! My previous reasoning was that "Smash Hits" was released in the UK and "TV Hits" was released in Australia, but oh no. "SH" was also released in Australia and "TV Hits" was also released in the UK. It took some time, but I think I have it figured out now which issues are supposed to be where. I've also added 11 new issues:

1. Hanson (Pipeline Publication)
2. Hanson Special
3. TV Hits Posters
4. TV Hits Posters (Number 32)

1. Big Hit (October 1998)
2. Hanson (Fresh Special)
3. Smash Hits (November 1997)
4. Super Hits (Hanson World Tour Special)
5. TV Hits Poster Power (Dec 97 / Jan 98)
6. TV Hits (January 1998)
7. TV Hits (August 1998)

I've also added some high-quality scans for these Aussie issues: Smash Hits (12/97 & 3/98), TV Hits Spinoff, TV Hits (5/98)


November 5, 2006

I added a new magazine section for The Netherlands & put three issues of Hitkrant there. Great covers!


I moved the "Fresh" magazine specials of Taylor and Zac from the UK to the Australian section. I also have added the Isaac special. I love these magazines! I think they are gorgeous!

Isaac Hanson - Fresh Special
Taylor Hanson - Fresh Special
Zac Hanson - Fresh Special


I've added a cool French version of Middle of Nowhere to the MON section. This version comes with an OBI strip and 6 foil stickers (the same that came with the Jap. MON). I've also added some better quality scans of the German, French #2, & Brazilian MONs.


I cleaned up the Ads section a bit - made different sections for the album, single, and misc. ads - and I added three new ones:

Japanese MON ads - 1 & 2

Aren't they awesome! I just love the Japanese ads :-)


8 magazines added today...4 from the UK and 4 from France:

7 Extra (Number 2)
7 Extra (Number 6)
7 Extra (Number 7)
Super (Number 126)

Smash Hits (July 1997)
Smash Hits (Jan/Feb 1998)
Smash Hits (Feb/March 1998)
Top of the Tops (March/April 2005)


I've added a This Time Around Tour hat to the Hats section.

I have been really busy this past week with work, and I haven't been able to update nearly as much as I like to. Grr. There is still a lot to be done with several sections of this site...books (charts + 'mentions'), karaoke CDs, poster magazines, stickers, remixes & b-sides - just to name a few areas! Not to mention new sections for The Walk album + singles that will start coming out next year, and random items that I still need to put up - like the hat I just put up today.

In the midst of all of this, expect a brand new layout for 2007 - I'd love for that to be ready before the promotional push for The Walk starts next year. We'll see how it goes! It all depends on how much I can get done by then. ;-) If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me an e-mail or write a message in the guestbook!


I was surfing the net for Hanson posters today and ran across this amazing poster advertising Hanson's Underneath Tour concert in France. This is one of the BIGGEST posters I have ever seen! Credit goes to Hanson Franco Fans - thanks guys! Check out their web's pretty cool.

I have no idea how I missed the Regal UAL poster, but somehow, I did. It's up now.

Two US magazines are new - Starlog Presents: Spice Girls & Friends and Teen Celebrity.


Two Brazil Hanson biographies by Christine Nielson have been added to the International books section. The European IWC2U single has been added to the IWC2U singles section.


Here's a super-cool This Time Around advertisement from Indonesia. It is taken from Anita magazine. Here's the pic.


Two CDs added today:

1. Mercury November 1998 Sales Sampler (US)
2. Platinum Pop (Germany)


Two more TV Guides (Chicago & Rochester) added to the TV Guide section.


9 Brazil magazines + 1 Indonedian magazine have been added, bringing the magazine count up to 635!

Brazil magazines: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Indonesian magazine: 1

My favorite out of the lot is Brazil mag #9, titled TV Gatinha. It isn't every day you see Isaac on the cover of a magazine - and it's a good cover, too! :-)

Important! If you were wondering, yes, I have heard all about the elusive The Walk four track sampler. At this time, there is too much conflicting evidence concerning its existence, so I am not going to showcase it on the site just yet. If anyone has any information about this sampler CD (especially back cover/CD art), please e-mail me here.

Promos for the new album and the first single could start surfacing any time now - so everyone be on the lookout! Any and all info will be posted here as I find out about it, so keep checking back for the latest!


Everyone enjoying the online stores? Good! I've put a new Mexican This Time Around single in the Singles section. It's similiar to the two-track single released throughout Europe. Pretty cool!

As always, drop me an e-mail if you have some merch that isn't on the site. I'll be more than happy to include it! I appreciate everyone sending me e-mails and feedback on the Guestbook, too. Keep it up!


The day has finally arrived, folks - the Buy Merchandise section is up and running! It is incredibly exciting, but what you see is just the beginning. There are lots of stores that I haven't put up yet, so don't think this is an exhaustive list! There are many more out there, I just haven't gotten to them yet.

There are 90 stores from over a dozen countries listed right now, and merchandise ranges from almost anything you can think of...t-shirts, promo CDs, albums and singles, magazines, books, sheet music - it just goes on and on! I tried to be as specific as I could with the descriptions, but I only had so much room to work with. There is more merchandise on almost every site that I simply didn't mention.

Enjoy :-)


3 magazines added today, bringing the grand total to 625:

1. Top Secrets (France)
2. Pop Rocky (Germany)
3. OKEJ (Sweden)


Japanese Live From Albertane poster added to the promo posters section.


I've removed the Strong Enough To Break single section & put the single in the Lost Without Each Other section...because that is where it truly belongs. So don't fret, it didn't disappear. ;-)

Go there to read more about it.


Taiwan version of MMMBop: The Collection added to the "Various Artists" compilations CD section located here.


New sheet music added to the sheet music section...

1. MMMBop marching band music
2. If Only sheet music
3. Butterfly Kisses & Other Great Hits (features MMMBop)


6 magazines added to the Brazil section -

1. Bambole #4
2. Bambole #8
3. Rockin #2
4. Taylor #4
5. Top Music Especial #41
6. Top Music Especial #43


I've put up scans of the Taiwanese version of Underneath. Finally, right? ;-) Thanks to Tina for sending me the scans!

p.s. Thanks for your interest in the "Buy Merchandise" section - I've gotten several e-mails and comments these past few weeks asking when it will be ready. That page is coming along nicely and it should make its debut very soon, so keep checking back! As always, these things take more work than I anticipate, and I'm amazed at how many online stores have Hanson stuff for sale! I haven't counted the total number of stores yet, but a ballpark figure might be...125. That includes both United States and International stores. The more I search the web, the more stores I find that sell Hanson stuff, so who knows, the total might be more than that when all is said and done!


Here's a neat edition of The Princess Diaries soundtrack from China.


Added some CDs & a LFA cassette from Taiwan...

1. Now 6 - Front Back
2. Universal CD Sampler Vol. 2 (2000) - Front Back
3. Universal Hits (March 2006) - Front Back CD

1. Live From Albertane Cassette - Front Back



Two new CDs ...

Live & Electric promo CD from Thailand, and a UK compilation called Voices of Pop.


Olive green Hanson tank top added to the International shirts section, plus three magazines added:

1. Eres Anniversary Edition (Argentina) 2. Teen (Argentina edition)
3. Up Magazine (Brazil)

Some editions of Eres were moved from the Mexico section to the Argentina section.


Added a new Teach Your Children section to CD singles. FINALLY, I have proof that a CD exists, so I can put this section up at last. This totally makes my week. Woo!


10 more CDs added to the Various Artists section...

Australia (2)
1. Hit Seekers (promo)
2. So Fresh: Hits of Spring 2000

Belgium (2)
1. Now This Is Music 2
2. Hit Connection 1998

Brazil (2)
1. Global Hits Volume 1
2. Mix 106.3 FM

Germany (3)
1. Mega Hits 97
2. Verano 98
3. Aaron Carter: My Favorite Hits

The UK (1)
1. Cooking Vinyl Delicatessen 7 (promo)

More on the way.......


Added 10 magazine covers to the US section, nine issues of 16 magazine (1997, 1/98, 4/98, 10-11/98, 1/99, 6/99, fall/99, 5/00) and one issue of Bop (1/98, version 2).

Do you think there are enough 16 magazine covers?! There are 29!

The Bop issue is kind of strange. I have had this issue up on the site for awhile now, but this issue has the exact same date on it (January 1998) but it is a different cover. Weird huh? Maybe version 2 was printed somewhere else (Canada?). Who knows?

Here's a cool Underneath concert poster. Thanks to Patti for this picture & for the info about it. I've had this saved in my e-mail for a LONG time - this is one of those "I-should-have-put-this-up-ages-ago-but-I-forgot-about-it-until-now" kind of things. :-P

I now have a new guestbook that you can access from the home page, so be sure to check that out and leave some comments about the site!


Three -- wait, scratch that, FOUR -- new TTA CDs in the TTA section - they're from the EU, the US, Argentina, and Korea.

A note about TTA CDs, since we're on the subject. Take a good look at the United States promos for the TTA album. Yeah, there are FIVE of them. F-I-V-E. Is that not crazy? I mean, how indecisive was Island, seriously? Five different promos for one album is just insane! And notice that the first four all spell Wish That I Was There "I Wish That I Was There." Yep.

I now have a new guestbook that you can access from the home page, so be sure to check that out and leave some comments about the site!


Added a cool MTV/Hanson ad in the Ads section. It is from a UK magazine called "Music Week" and it says "Congrats to Hanson on their first #1". Pretty neat!


This is pretty cool - Hallmark released a line of special cards this week. They're called "Say It With Music" and each card plays a different music clip from a popular musician/artist. MMMBop is featured for one of the birthday cards - pics are up in the Other section, scroll down to the very bottom.

Try to buy one if you can - the price is a little steep at $5, but it's worth it! Plus, if the cards sell really well, it might make it into the Top 5 selling cards, which are shown in detail on Hallmark's web site.

7/21/06 + 7/22/06

Cleaned up the Brazil magazine section a bit & added 23 magazines - Antenada, Graphic Book 9, MegaTeen, Q Legal, and Todinha Sua, just to name a few! I like this issue of Rockin because it is twice as large as a normal magazine. Hopefully, more Brazil mags will be coming soon.

Also added a Canadian section w/some new mags + 1 mag (Superstars 12/98) to the US section and 1 Russian mag to the Misc. section.

I'll be doing some general cleanup for the next couple of days, getting some better pics up, etc., plus working on some other sections that have been 'in progess' for literally months now. Heh. I know ya'll want that "Buy" section, I am in the middle of working on that, plus a million other things, it seems. ;-)

Three CDs added -

Where's The Love Mastering Promo (Australia)
Weird Mastering Promo (UK)
One track Penny US promo

All three of these CDs are so rare.....


Three magazines added -

Chicas 12/00 (Argentina)
TV Top 8/98 (Argentina)
TigerBeat 7/98 (United States)

Plus UK WTL promo CD added (this one slipped by me!).


Four ads added -

MMMBop (slightly larger than 8.5x11)


Added 7 magazines - 5 to the French section (check out the Feb. 2005 issue of Super - it has Taylor & Emma Daumas on the front cover!) & 2 to the Asia section (Singapore Seventeen & Taiwanese Boyzone), plus two CDs to the Australia section (Smash Hits Summer Vibe & So Fresh 2001).


Added a TV Guide from Southern Alabama. It's the first white cover w/a green banner that I've seen. We're up to 24 now!


2 CDs added - Time Life "Best of the Boybands" compilation to the US section; Hit Express 4 to the France section. Head on over to the Time Life web site and watch a commercial for the "Best of the Boybands" CD; it has Hanson in it. :-)


I spent some time in the wee hours of the morning ;-) to add some magazines from the US and Germany - 23 total. Here's a list:

US - 12

16 - October 1998 16 - 1999 issue BB - February 1998 Bop - August 1997 Bop - October 1997 Hit Sensations - 1998 Pop Star (1st issue) - 1999 Superstars - 1998 Superteen - Issue ? Teen Dream - August 1998 Teen Machine - April 2000

Germany - 11

Chart Toppers Hit! - September 1997 Hit! - December 1997 Hit! Special Hit Sensations V. 1, N. 1 (German edition) Mega Star - September 1997 Outta Nowhere - Hanson Special Pop Rocky - July 1997 Pop Rocky - September 1997 Pop Rocky - October 1997 Star Poster - September 1997

Also - Australian GSL promo picture + Argentina GSL added to the GSL section; 2.3 membership kit added here.


Canadian Thinking of You single added to the Thinking of You section.


14 magazines added today, check these out:

8 from Indonesia
3 from Spain (+ moved some Spanish mags from Misc. to Spain)
2 from the UK (TOTP 2/98 and 4/98)
1 from Ecuador

Thank Nessa for all the awesome pics of the mags from Indonesia. Aren't they great? :-)

Plus, some Mix! mags were moved from the Denmark section to the Sweden section...thanks to Amanda for helping me sort it all out.

More mags coming, so be on the lookout...!


Five postcards added - one from Canada, one from Israel, two from Brazilian Antenada magazine, and one Polygram/On Air card.

6/19/06 & 6/20/06

Happy one year anniversary!!! Yes, Hanson Merchandise is one year old at this lovely domain. A big CONGRATS for the site & for all of you for showing me some of the RAREST and COOLEST Hanson merch on the planet! Thanks for all your pics, scans, information, links...everything. Another reason to celebrate: we have reached 500 CDs!!! Woooooooo!!! :-D And more are on the way (if you can believe it!).

So thanks again, and as always, enjoy the site!

Today's updates...

2 TTA CDs added: EU Promo (HADV1) and EU 5 track promo (no #). I've also added better pics for the other EU 5 track sampler (HANSAMP5) and the cardboard slipcase EU promo (HAN1). Geez, it's hard to keep them all straight...

6/19 updates... Brit '98 VHS & a new TV Guide added today ...


2 magazines added today ...

Sweden - 1
Frida Poster Special

Denmark - 1
Mix (April 2000)


10 magazines added to various sections ...

US - 2
Teen Machine (Leo cover)
Tiger Beat (1998)

Argentina - 2
TV Y Novelas (August '97)

Germany - 2
Popcorn (August & September 1997)

UK - 4
Big! (August '98)
Big Hit (2000)
Shout (August '97)
TOTP (July '97)


3 Canadian compilation CDs added today --

Pure Dance 2
Pure Dance 3


6 CDs added - check 'em out:

Someone Promo (Canada)
Sony Music Sampler 2004 (Korea)

+ some CDs from Japan:

Catch Up 6 (June 1997)
His Master's Voice (March 2004)
His Master's Voice (June 2004)
His Master's Voice (November 2005)

5/31/06 & 6/1/06

Added some scans of the TTMON VCDs from Taiwan and Hong Kong, check those out here! I also added more scans of the US & Canadian videos, plus scans of the US DVD back cover & DVD. :-)


Added some books/sheet music & some mags...

Books > Compilations -

101 Reasons The 90s Ruled

Books > Sheet Music -

4 Hot Hits (Where's The Love)
4 Hot Hits (I Will Come To You)

Magazines > France -

Big! Issue 20
Big! Issue 21
Dance Attitude
FG (Oct. 1997)


15 new stickers added to the stickers section on page 5. They are from Smash Hits, TV Hits, and Total Hits magazines. Cute!!!


Added some cool ads to the ads is an Australian TTA ad, one is an At The Fillmore ad, and a third is a special Hanson/Grammy's ad that ran in Billboard magazine in early 1998.

I had been looking for the third ad for a long time; I have always been intrigued by it because it's such an...odd ad. lol. It is a picture of Hanson and in big letters it says, "Next year's Hanson." Sounds positive, right? In the middle of the ad there is this odd picture of this guy wearing a crown; there was writing inside the picture, but I could never tell what it said until I bought the ad. It says, "We're already hot on the trail of next year's Hanson." And then in even smaller writing, "Good luck to this year's Grammy nominees." There's an MTV logo next to this. this a nod to Hanson or a diss to Hanson? I'm trying to figure it out. I think it's supposed to be positive, but you know how MTV is when it comes to Hanson...! It's a cool ad nevertheless, one of the rarer ones out there. I have a high quality scan of it in the ads section, at the bottom.

TTA ad (Australia)
Fillmore ad - Front
Fillmore ad - Back
'Next year's Hanson...' ad (Billboard)


Fixed some listings & added lots of scans to the MMMBop singles section. US, UK, French & Australian singles have been updated. This section is looking good if you ask me!


The popular 20th Century Masters series has released a "Best of Hanson" CD today. If you're not familiar with some of Hanson's popular (and not so popular) remixes and radio edits, I suggest you pick this one up! Click here to learn more about it at Click here to see the CD in the Compilations section of this site. More info is forthcoming!

Speaking of compilations, here is a rare one from Belgium, released in 2000. Enjoy that!


More magazines added for your viewing pleasure!

From Australia:

1. Starz - Volume 5
2. TV Hits (Date?)
3. TV Hits (August 1997)
4. TV Hits Summer Special 1997/1998
5. TV Week (June 3, 2000)


Eight magazines added to various sections...

1. Idol Bible (Japan)
2. Pop Rocky (Germany)
3. Shout (UK)
4. Star News (Country?)
5. Music News (Country?)
6. Starz! (Spain)
7. Bravisimo (Venezuela)
8. Galaxie (Malaysia)

We've passed the 500 mark! Woooo! :-D

If anyone knows any publication dates or countries of origin for these (and others on the misc. page), let me know...! If you have any Hanson-y mag covers lying around, feel free to send me some scans!


Two rare CDs have been added to UK Various Artists...

DMC 175 - Front
DMC 175 - Back
DMC 177 - Front
DMC 177 - Back
DMC 177 - CD

Does -anyone- know what the "Bizzie B. Mix" of MMMBop sounds like? ...I don't know, either. But I'd love to find out.


I've added some new scans of the Korean MMMBop promo CD to the MMMBop section. Absolutely gorgeous, it's one of my favorite MMMBop promos. Here are the pics:


Also, thanks to everyone who has been visiting the site, especially this weekend...the numbers have been *amazing*: *HM* has received almost 1,000 hits a DAY for the past three days. Thanks for visiting, and help spread the word!


1. 100% Hits: Best of 1997
2. MTV Most Wanted (1999)
3. Smash Hits Party (1999)
4. Pepsi Chart Hits (2000)
5. Pepsi More Music V. 6 (2005)
6. Pepsi More Music Best of 2005



Hanson = popular in Turkey? Heck yes! Add Turkey to the list of countries that produced Hanson CDs - well, at least this one that was released in 2000. More info about it here. Definately a rare CD to add to your collection...if you can find it. ;-)


New I Will Come To You advertisement...notice the typo? "Break and butter"? Should be "bread and butter," they fixed it on later ads. :-P


Quick update...

Rare 3" Promo CD from Thailand



Ok, so remember I said I wouldn't update until I had a 'certain section' finished?

Well...I LIED. :-P

A Chinese Hanson fan sent me some awesome pictures of some CDs and cassettes from China, and I just have to share them with you now! I absolutely love them, and I'm sure you will, too!

4 new Chinese cassettes:

1. 3 Car Garage
2. Live From Albertane
3. This Time Around (version 1)
4. This Time Around (version 2)

2 new Chinese CDs:

1. Live From Albertane (front, back, inside )
2. This Time Around (back & inside scans added to the 'classic' edition)

Ugh, they're so gorgeous, aren't they?! I want them all...I can't decide which version I like the best! I love the 3CG cassette, I must admit. If anyone runs across a CD version of it, let me know!

These pics should keep you busy until after my move. (I'm moving to an apartment this weekend - yay!) I'm not sure how long I'll be without the internet...hopefully not very long. Expect lots more updates...soon! ;-)


Two Live From Albertane promos added:

1. US Promo
2. French Promo


Very rare Underneath Acoustic promo CD added here!


Happy Birthday, Taylor!


A new country has been added to the magazines section - Denmark - and four new mags have been added there. One was transferred over from the Misc. section.



Ok, I'm a little remix-hyper at the moment. I've been going through and categorizing all of Hanson's remixes and let me tell you, the section for this is going to look awesome when it's ready to go live. I don't have an exact number of how many remixes there are yet, but I'm getting close. There's at least 50, I know for sure...

Here's a remix clip to get you in the remix mood! This is probably the most popular remix there is... ;-)


Other updates...

1 CD added: Penny & Me Australian promo
2 DVDs added: EPK 2004 #1 , EPK 2004 #2


Super rare Penny & Me promo advertisement added today! This came from the May 7, 2004 issue of Airplay Monitor magazine. It's pretty big - 11x13.5 inches. Check it out in the Ads section.


Added a new Countries/Visitors section so you all can get an idea of who visits the site on a regular basis. I get a kick out of it, anyway. ;-) The links @ the bottom of the home page will hopefully expand & grow over time. I have quite a few misc. things that I'd love to put there...mostly my musings about Hanson's albums and singles to date, the 'singles that weren't', the 'MMMBop' grammar confusion, Hanson's music videos (although those might go here instead), and a few other things. It'll be fun! :-D

Busy counting all the CDs...eventually, *everything* will be counted, and we will know just how much Hanson stuff there is in the world. Oooo, I get chills just thinking about it! Stay tuned...


Let's see...several new compilations, some karaoke CDs, and a promo photo have been added over the past 36 hours.

As soon as I think I'm getting a handle on all these CDs...I find more. This is crazy! I don't know if I'll ever be able to find them all! The compilation count alone is up to an astounding 180 CDs. It will be over 200 very soon. I'm working on a total CD count, so stay tuned for that.

Various Artists Compilations: 8

1. 100% Hits 26 - 1998 (Australia)
2. 100% Hits 31 - 2000(Australia)
3. Greatest Hits - 2000 (Austria)
4. Mega Hits 98 - 1998 (Germany)
5. The Very Best of the 90s - 2000(?) (Germany)
6. New Music from the Mercury Motel - 1997 (The US)
7. The Encyclopaedia of Music: 90s - 2004 (The US)
8. Best Dance - 1997 (Belgium)

Karaoke: 5

1. MTV Karaoke Pop - 1997 (?) (The US)
2. Totally Cool - 1998 (The US)
3. Sizzling Hot Hits - 1998 (The US)
4. #1 Pop Hits (The US)
5. 30x Bestseller Playbacks (Germany)

Photos: 1

1. Melrose Place Promo (1998)


Hanson has been featured on all kinds of compilation CDs for various products/events that any band would be *happy* to endorse...Pepsi, for example, or 7Up, or Smash Hits magazine, TOTP, or the almighty Grammy's...but this?!

No, folks, your eyes aren't deceiving you. It's a Barbie "Summer Hits" CD, and HANSON is on it. Ooooh, if the guys only knew. ;-)

Aside from Barbie, 4 other UK compilations have been added:

1. Pure Dance 97
2. Smash Hits Summer 99
3. Things That Go Pop! (2000)
4. Essential Hits (2005)



New US compilations added!

1. Hit Makers (promo)
2. Spotlight on Hits (promo)

1 new magazine!

1. Puffin Post (UK)


New calendars!

1 1999 UK Calendar
1 1998 EU Calendar Card (EU = European Union, if you were wondering!)

1 new press release!

1/17/97 US Press Release - this is the eariest press release I've seen yet...


Ok, how cute is this!

There seems to be a red, white and blue theme going on, don't you think? These countries make up the last 1,000 hits on the site. No, I didn't cut any out, that's just how it displayed at Stat Counter! Too cute. Thanks for visiting, everyone!

7 magazines from Argentina added:

1. Chicas (December 1997)
2. Chicas (April 1998)
3. Chicas (also April 1998)
4. Chicas (March 2001)
5. Fan Club (September 1997)
6. Linda (January 1998)
7. Linda (September 1998)


The jewelry section has gone through some much-needed rennovation. It's been split into official and unofficial sections, the unofficial section being totally new...

Plus, a few random items have been added to the OTHER section, including one of my personal favorites, the mega-rare promo Hanson bookcover! Anyone want to sell me theirs? ...I'll buy it. :-P

1. MON Bookcover
2. Got Milk? Bookcover
3. TOTP Pencil Tin
4. Pencil Case
5. A Scarf
6. MOE Frisbee
7. Improved TTA Mobile scans


New iTunes section added to the home page!


9 cute buttons/pins from the UK & 6 sheets of temporary tattoos from Australia have gone up! Technically, 3 of the 6 tattoo sheets have been up for forever, but there are much better scans now, so go check them out!


3 compilations added...

1. Most Wanted w/MMMBop (Italy)
2. Fan Club w/IWC2U (France)
3. Cool w/P&M (Philippines)

Go to the various artists section now! More coming asap...


30 - count 'em - 30 Hanson stickers added to the Stickers section! There used to be one page - now there's four. New stickers are on pages 3 and 4, plus an Underneath promo sticker on page 2.


I'm working on some *really* cool new sections that should (hopefully) debut by next weekend. That's why I haven't updated in several days - I've been busy working on them. Oh yes. In the meantime...

1 promo VHS & 1 promo DVD added here:

1. Where's The Love Promo VHS
2. Lost Without Each Other Promo DVD


Short & sweet:

2 compilations from Japan added:

1. Mega Hits Deluxe (1998)
2. The 90s (2005) 2/6/06

29 magazines have been added to the Argentina section. 29!! That section has more than doubled in size. If you haven't spent time in the magazines section, now's a good time to start! Here's a list of all the magazines that have been added:

Album Pop, Chicas 1, Chicas 2, Chicas 3, Chicas 4, Chicas 5, Chicas 6, Chicas 7, Eres, Especial Stickers, Fanzine Stickers, Linda, Masa Pop 1, Masa Pop 2, Mondo Pop 1, Mondo Pop 2, Mondo Pop 3, Nueva Pop, Official Fan Magazine, Pop Laminas 1, Pop Laminas 2, Pop Laminas 3, Pop Laminas 4, TV Top 1, TV Top 2, TV Top 3, TV Top 4, TV Top 5, TV Y Novelas

...whew. That's a lot of magazines. This brings the magazine count to an amazing 486. I'm sure we'll reach 500 soon...


I've got a few new UK magazines for your viewing pleasure today. I just ran across a huge selection of mags from a different country that will be posted tomorrow. What country, you ask? I can't tell you that - it's a surprise! ;-) I'd post them tonight, but...there's a lot of them. And I need sleep. :-P

Hello to all first time visitors, by the way! I hope you're enjoying the site. I'm constantly amazed by all the users that are visiting Hanson Merchandise from all over the world. Within the past week, there have been visitors from Australia, the UK, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Bosnia/Herzegovina...and those are just a few countries! There are so many more. Hello to all of you!

On with the update...

8 UK mags added:

1. Boy Pop 1
2. Boy Pop 2
3. Hanson Yearbook 1998
4. Hot Shots 2
5. Smash Hits 12/97
6. Top Hits 12/97
7. TOTP 6/98
8. TOTP 6/98 Poster Mag


I had every intention of updating the site yesterday (Feb. 1), but sometimes things just don't go as planned. Long story short, I felt quite sick last night & went to bed really early. Don't worry, I am better now. ;-) But I was quite upset that I didn't get the chance to update the site like I wanted.

Hopefully, today will make up for it, because a brand new section has been added:


So enjoy that, plus two If Only CDs: 1 2


Ok, how awesome does this sound? A stunning 8x8 two page Hanson biography in brilliant color, a one page Middle of Nowhere press release, and a Mecury Records folder filled with MON press? Too good to be true? Nope! Check out pics in the press releases section. Isn't the color bio gorgeous? I love the cartoon Hanson picture on the back cover! Truly one-of-a-kind...

If you're really in a collecting mode, try to find this rarity: a Middle of Nowhere/This Time Around/TTMON Combo Pack released in Mexico last year. Pics have been added to the MON, TTA, and TTMON sections.

Totally -awesome-.

Oh, and by the way - I'm planning to add pictures of album back covers, CD scans, etc., to a majority of the CD sections. Some CDs only have a front cover, some have front/back, but very few have all three. That's the eventual goal here - to have good, high-quality scans of the front cover, the back cover, and the CD itself. This may not be possible for the hundreds of compilations out there, but I'm willing to give it a shot for the albums/singles/promos. Scans of book back covers will be added down the road as well. Aside from right now, I probably won't make an official announcement about these updates; scans will just...appear. Out of nowhere. ;-) So keep checking back for those... ;-)


We're really rockin' now...

L&E Tour Merch
1. L&E Mini Poster
2. L&E Poster #1
3. L&E Poster #2
4. Gray L&E Tee
5. Blue L&E Tee
6. L&E Hoodie
7. L&E Keychain

Note: Does anyone have a picture of the L&E baseball tee?
I need one. Send me an e-mail if you do!

Other additions...

8. Mayfest Poster
9. Zac Hanson Exclusive Tees


6 more compilations added, all from Taiwan...

1. Polygram Mega Hits 16
2. Now 3
3. Now 4
4. Big! No. 1 Dance Collection
5. Sony Music Monthly Sampler (6/04)
6. Sony Music Monthly Sampler (8/04)


At this stage in the game, I thought I knew every single Hanson remix that was ever put out. Boy, was I wrong! A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a CD set called the "Remix Club Series." This series released a remix for MMMBop and a remix for Where's The Love. They are totally one-of-a-kind. I'm fairly certain that these CDs are the only place you can find these remixes.


Check them out in the US Various Artists Compilations section.

10 CDs have been added to this section today!

1. Remix Club Series 5
2. Remix Club Series 6
3. Radio Disney
4. Mainstream Radio 3/00
5. Mainstream Radio 7/00
6. Desmond Child collection
7. Whatever!
8. Retro '90s
9. Hurricane Relief Benefit CD
10. Live & Electric Indie Sampler


7 compilations from Brazil
1 supercool Live & Electric US promo

...oh, and don't worry. I haven't forgotten about the rest of the L&E Tour merch. It's coming, it's coming, I swear it's coming! ;-)


Cassettes are cool. Remember cassettes? You know, those little rectangle-shaped things that play music? :-D They're still pretty popular - when it comes to Hanson. All of Hanson's albums and most singles are on cassette, and some are made in the oddest of Turkey. Really.

Check out Middle of Nowhere and Snowed In cassettes made in Turkey by clicking here.


I'd like to take a few seconds and say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been sending me pictures & information of Hanson merchandise! The response to this web site has been truly incredible, and it's thanks to all of you that this site can keep growing!

Hanson Merchandise has been visted by thousands of unique visitors from more than 30 different countries; the stats blow my mind! Thanks to everyone who has checked out the site. :-)

I have a couple dozen e-mails in my mailbox that I'm in the middle of sorting through. If you sent me an e-mail within the past few weeks (even months) & you don't see what you've sent on the site yet, don't worry, I have it, it is just taking me a long time to go through everything! There aren't enough hours in the day! ;-)

I have unique items from Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Canada, The Netherlands, and m-o-r-e on the way! Several NEW categories of merchandise are in the works, too! So stay tuned; the fun is just beginning!



So! Who wants some updates? ;-)

2 Live & Electric CDs from Asia
5 Australian mags (1 2 3 4 5)
6 stickers


19 magazines from Brazil, the US, and the UK coming your way!

Brazil - 10 (Pics: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)

The US - 8 (Pics: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)

The UK - 1 (Pic: 1)


Can you read French?

...neither can I. ;-) But these mags still look cool!

4 magazines added to the French section.

1. FG (3/98)
2. FG (7/98)
3. Guitar Part (9/97)
4. Star Songs (12/97)


Ah, If Only. Brilliant song, isn't it? Remember when we saw Taylor play harmonica for the first time? Or when the music video hit #1 on TRL? Or when John Popper himself took the stage at select TTA shows? Great memories! Of course, we can't forget all of the awesome singles that were released all over the world for If Only. Today's update has to do with this great single.

4 CDs have been added to the If Only section.

1. EU Promo
2. UK Promo
3. Brazil Promo
4. Taiwan single


Happy New Year!!! I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what new merchandise Hanson plans to release this year! I am crossing my fingers for the documentary, a new studio record, maybe some iTunes exclusives, and of course, the new fan club membership kit! I am sure these things are just the beginning! Here's to a happy, Hanson-filled 2006!

Updates for today...

2006 Hanson calendar
2 ads:
MON (Brazil)
TTA (Brazil)

8 posters:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! To celebrate the season, I have created a special Christmas CD section with 14 new additions. Check it out!


French Live From Albertane press release added here.


2 CDs added to the Compilations > All Hanson (Music) section:

1. The Road To Albertane (1998, Mexico promo)
2. MMMBop: The Collection (2005, EU)


5 books added to the Books > Compilations section.
Pics: 1 2 3 4 5

4 valentines added here.


6 compilation CDs from Japan added.


11 Various Artist compilations added:

Canada (7)
Malaysia (2)
Korea (1)
Italy (1)

The VA section has been completely revised. All the compilations are now divided by country. Lots more to come here! I'm super excited about it. :-D


1 promo photo added


32 magazines added, + several other mags updated w/better pics...
US (24)
UK (7)
TV Guide (1)

The US section is now in alphabetical order, too.


1 little update...

MMMBop promo ad

...gorgeous, isn't it? :-)


Japanese L&E added
UK If Only flat added


2 vinyl/records added:
- French MMMBop promo
- Italian IWC2U promo
2 different Boomerang cassettes added!

Stay tuned for...
1. a redesign of the Various Artists compilations + several dozen new compilations from all over the world
2. an iTunes section
3. a new Books section for Billboard/Rolling Stone/Chart Info books
4. more L&E tour merch!
5. lots more magazines...too many to count right now ;-)

...and that's just the 'big' stuff! ;-)


Here's what's new!

12 stickers added!
Israel (8)
Albertane (2)
Hanson name - orange/white (1)
If Only (France) (1)

Live From Albertane poster flat added!

This Time Around promo advertisement added!


10 magazines added:

Israel (4)
Asia (3)
France (2)
TV Guide - Northern Indiana (1)


7 UK Ads added/revised!

Middle of Nowhere (3)
MMMBop (1)
Where's The Love (1)
I Will Come To You (1)


NEW! Patches section!
6 Live & Electric patches added


3 buttons added/updated.
2 Penny & Me promos from the US & UK added/revised.
1 International Book added (official bio from Spain)


2 L&E CDs added (1 US promo, 1 US w/'blank' CD)
1 tattoo added


New stuff...

1 TV Guide added
2 Misc. DVDs from the Netherlands added - 1 2
2 cassettes added - Taiwan MON, UK IWC2U


3 CDs added:

WTL Promo (Brazil)
Penny & Me (Russia)
L&E (UK)


6 CDs added to Various Artists:
Catch Up 7 - Japan
Club Awards - UK
Hit Express 3 - France
Hits 98 - France
Billboard 1997 - Taiwan
We Love Life - UK

More coming soon!


Australian, UK & US L&E CDs added! UK scans coming asap...

Venezuelan MON and Taiwan SI cassettes added to the Cassettes page.


22 magazines added!

Misc. (8)
France (7)
Israel (5)
Asia (2)

Total magazine count (378!) now on the main magazine page. :-)

Snowed In ad from Israel added!


8 items added to the OTHER section, including...

3 cardboard standups
1 MON Display
1 notebook from Brazil
1 patch
1 stamp from Rwanda!
1 "Live From Albertane" mobile

Check it out!


4 VHS/DVDs added:
Promo (3)
Misc. (1)

1 magazine added:
Brazil - Shopping Music

Stay tuned - lots more coming!


NEW! Live & Electric album section launched!
UK Promo added.

2 buttons/pins added:
-3CG (1)
-Zac (1)

2 TV Guides added:
-Northern Florida
-Leitchfield, Kentucky



::throws confetti::

Hehe, anyway, on with the updates!

3 CDs added/updated:

Middle of Nowhere US Promo (1)
Underneath - Chinese editions (2)


A few more updates...

3 vinyl added to the vinyl section:

1. MMMBop (France)
2. MMMBop (Italy/England)
3. I Will Come To You (UK)

MMMBop UK cassette scans added, plus track listings updated for several cassettes.


Updates! 29 magazines added/updated:

US (19)
Australia (7)
UK (3)

More will be added later this week!


New stuff!

TV Guides (2)
Ugly Phil CD added to Compilations - All Hanson (Music)


CDs added/updated:

Middle of Nowhere (Taiwan scans updated; Brazil info added)
Strong Enough To Break (new section added!)
Someone (French promo scans updated)


WTL CD section updated!

3 CDs added from France (1 promo, 2 retail)

A section is ready and waiting for Hanson's live CD, The Best of Hanson: Live & Electric...


A few new things...

3 Shirts
-1997 (2)
-Other (1)

2 Ads
-MON (1)
-MMMBop (1)


More magazines!

35 magazines added:
Germany (24)
US (4)
TV Guides (3)
UK (3)
Misc. (1)

Several Live From Albertane covers/CDs from the US, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan are updated!


Look at what's new!

45 magazines added/updated:
United States (38)
China/Asia (3)
United Kingdom (2)
Australia (1)
Brazil (1)

The US mags are categorized alphabetically, starting with 16. Enjoy them! If you have any magazines that aren't on the site, please e-mail me and I'll put them up!


Here's what's new!

-Postcards (8)
-Buttons/Pins (2)
-Keychains (3)
-Promo photos (2 - UK TTA b&w / UK If Only color)
-Press releases [3 - 3CG / If Only (2)]
-the Christmas IWC2U Phenomenon (4 CDs added)

Check back for more!


-17 magazines added:
*NEW* Sweden section (14)
Misc. (2)
Germany (1)
OKEJ magazines moved from German section to Swedish section.


-New "OTHER" T-Shirts section added, plus several tees added to the "1997" section: 28 new shirts total!
-25 new postcards added!

Lots more coming, keep checking back!


--Very RARE promo editions of Underneath and the Snowed In cassette added!

7/10/05 - Here's what's new!

-5 buttons/pins (1 UK / 4 Albertane Tour)
-3 promo posters (Brazil MON / US Underneath / Italy Underneath concert)

7/1/05 - Some new stuff...

-CDs added:
--I Will Come To You scans (Mexico promo, France promo)
--Weird scans (France promo, Asia single *NEW*)
--This Time Around single scans (Mexico promo)
--Best 2000 Poland compilation added to Compilations > All Hanson (Music)
-3 hats added (symbol/logo, Albertane, black beanie)
-1 TV Guide added

6/28/05 - Here's what's new!

-Lots of changes in the Magazines section
**19 magazines added:
**US (9)
**TV Guides (4)
**Brazil (4)
**Misc. (1)
**"chicas1.jpg" moved from Brazil to the Argentina section
**"teenta1.jpg" moved from Misc. to the Brazil section
**"canada1.jpg" moved from Misc., renamed caricia498.jpg, to the Brazil section
-1 book added to the International section
-11 stickers added

Keep checking back...

6/24/05 - Here's what's new today!

-13 pictures added to the Snowed In CD section, including a very rare edition from Brazil!
-1 video added to the promo section (TTA EPK from Brazil)
-1 video added to the misc. section (Carman's Yo Kidz The Vidz)
-4 photos added to the retail section
-Magazines are being switched around, stay tuned for some changes...
--Check out the new TV GUIDE section and send me your TV Guides!
--2 new US magazines added (Superteen - 4/99; All Stars - 6/98)

6/23/05 - WOW, thank you SO much for all of your e-mails, information, and encouragement about the site!!! It means so much to me. :-) I am busy uploading all of your pictures and info. Here's what's new:

-Someone UK promo CD
-2 new promo photos (one from TTA, one from Underneath)
-6 new compilation CDs (various artists)

6/21/05 - Hanson Merchandise is up!!!