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January 2009

January 25, 2009

I've had a few people e-mail me about this one -- a "The Walk EPK" surfaced on eBay recently. Here it is in the DVV section. All I know about it is (a) it exists and (b) it is 10:20 long. No idea what is actually on it! If you know, send me an e-mail!

January 14-15, 2009

A new compilation CD has been added to Various Artists - US -- the Rock Boat IX sent an exclusive 2CD set to everyone going on the Rock Boat. There is a live version of Great Divide on the CD! Pretty cool!

More stuff to be added later ... including a new section for ... Hanson chocolates?! Stay tuned!

January 6, 2009

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's start 2009 off right ... with some RARE Hanson merch!

I have posted the very rare Seventeen/Macy's guitar-shaped Hanson CD in the Compilations - All Hanson (Music) section and scans of the rare rare rare Korean MMMBop promo ... it's AWESOME. I have wanted more info/scans about this CD for SO long and at last I have them!!! I hope you enjoy them!

There is a new HM.net Poll here! Go and vote!!

I have lots more to add within the next few weeks, including:

+ the rest of the Walk Tour merch
+ Hanson wrapping paper!
+ Lots of misc. CDs, inc. a new compilation CD from the Rock Boat IX!
+ Magazine covers
+ ... lots of stuff, really!

Thanks for your continued support and interest in this site. Even though updates were sparse over the holiday period, you kept visiting, and that means everything to me!

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