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Site Updates Archive
October 2007

October 30, 2007

New stuff!

1. Faux Leather Necklace in the Official Jewelry section
2. The Walk stickers (3) in the Official Stickers section
3. TTA AD in the Album ADs section
4. Green Beanie Bear in the Retail OTHER/Misc. section

October 23, 2007

I've added some links for Store and Site Affiliates on the home page. If you have a Hanson web site, sell Hanson merchandise, or both, and want to be featured, send me an e-mail!

If you would like to feature HM.net on your web site (I would be so grateful), you can use one of the graphics I have provided on the Logos page.

October 17, 2007

Several new items!

Two cassette singles: Where's The Love (Thailand) and Gimme Some Lovin' (Australia)

Two promotional concert posters: Glasgow Academy and Turning Stone

One press release: The Walk (UK)

October 15, 2007

Eight new magazines added today, all in the US section except for Max, which is in Misc:

20th Century Guitar
All Stars - 4/99
BB - 12/97
BB - 3/98 (version 2)
BB - 8/98
People - 10/22/07 (!)
Tigerbeat - 4/00
Max (Malaysia) - 12/98

The People magazine is significant -- Hanson has never been on the cover of People, ever! Ever! To have them make the cover now is quite an accomplishment; I only wish Isaac didn't have to deal with life-threatening blood clots & surgery to make it happen! Take care of yourself, Isaac!

p.s. Due to some oversight on my part, the total magazine count was higher than it should have been, so despite the new additions, the count remains the same at 697.
p.p.s. "I Do For Brides" will be up soon, I am waiting to get the magazine so I can have a high-quality scan of it.

October 11, 2007

I am planning to add new merchandise later today & throughout the weekend ... here are some items I am working on:

+ The Walk Tour anklets/bracelets
+ I Do For Brides magazine cover featuring Zac & Kate
+ 10/22/07 edition of People magazine w/Isaac on the cover (!)
+ The Walk UK press release
+ Middle of Nowhere promo folder
+ Albertane/TTA/other Lanyards
+ Guitar pics
+ Jones Soda bottle featuring Zac
+ ...lots of promo CDs!

I have wanted to add guitar pics for awhile -- there are so many of them! I think I will stick them in the "Other / Misc" section, so be on the lookout for that.

I've started an "Archive" section for past site updates -- I will add all of the past updates in the next few days.

p.s. Thank you for all of your comments in the Guestbook and all of your e-mails this past month! Your support means so much!

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