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Site Updates Archive
September 2007

September 30, 2007

The two tour posters have been added to the Tour Posters section, and two radio ads for TTA and If Only have been added to the ADs/Press section! Enjoy!

September 27, 2007

The Walk Tour is in full swing! If you head out to shows, support the band by buying their merch, yeah? The gray The Walk tee has been added to the 2006-2007 T-Shirts section! The two new tour posters will be added this weekend!

According to the September Hanson.net Newsletter, additional merchandise will be added later on in the tour -- hoodies, anklets, and stickers! If you buy any merch on tour that you don't see on this site, could you send me a picture of what you bought? I'd be happy to host it here! Thanks!

September 20, 2007

The black "The Walk" shirt has been added to the T-Shirt section, and "The Walk" sticker given out during charity walks in each city has been added to the promo stickers section. More merchandise from "The Walk" tour will be added in the next week. :-)

September 13, 2007

In the last 24 hours, over 850 visitors have stopped by the site, generating close to 6,000 hits! I am overwhelmed!!! Thank you so much for your support. :-)

Check the homepage -- a new section titled "Merchandise Mysteries" has been added. The page lists items that are, well, mysterious -- are they fact or are they fiction? I'm not sure. If you can help shed the light on these items, send an e-mail my way!

p.s. Rest assured that the "Buy" page, the "About Me / About This Site" pages, the "Countries" page, "Are You Listening?", and others that were at the bottom of the home page, are not "gone" for good - they will be back! I haven't had the time to revise them yet, but I will get to them! Plus, I want to add some additional, *fun* pages that no one has ever seen before. So keep checking back for that!

September 12, 2007

The new HM.NET is HERE! I hope you are as excited about this as *I* am!! I have been wanting to give this to you for SO long. After more than six solid months of research, planning, organizing, and many, many (many) late nights, this site is finally ready to share with you! So, what's new, you ask? Here is a list:

+ New navigation! HM.NET links are now on the left-hand side of the site, and appear on every single page, instead of just the home page.
+ Merchandise totals! A total number of items has been added to every single section, and a Master Total is on the home page.
+ Thumbnails. To help make the pages load faster, small thumbnails were added for every single image on the site.
+ "Back To Top". Every page that scrolls should have a "Back To Top" link that, when clicked, takes you back to the top of the page.
+ Better organization & presentation. Some merchandise categories were combined, others split into sections - it's just plain better than it was before.

Section Changes:
+ ADs & Press were combined into one section.
+ Hats & Shirts combined into an Apparel section, plus sections added for tees, hoodies, baseball tees, tank tops, etc.
+ 100+ books were added to the Books section; dozens of books were revised and updated with new pictures, page numbers, release dates, synopses, and more!
+ CDs (especially albums and singles) now have release dates; dozens of new scans added; most CD sections split into official/promo/bootleg sections
+ Buttons split into official/retail/promo sections
+ Calendars split into official/unofficial/calendar cards
+ Cassettes split into albums/singles/misc
+ Two new DVD sections: Movie Cameos and TV on DVD
+ iTunes section completely revised with several new sections: Music, Music Videos, iTunes Essentials, and Podcasts
+ Membership Kit section added!
+ OTHER items split into official/retail/promo sections
+ Patches split into Live & Electric & Other sections
+ Postcards split into retail/promo sections
+ Stickers/Tattoos sections combined; dozens of stickers added; stickers split into several new sections
+ Vinyl split into albums/singles/misc

These are the biggest changes. Lord knows I am probably forgetting something! A few things are still in the works and I'll post about them later. Right now...I think I am going to go sleep for about a week. ;-) Enjoy all the new updates!!!!!

Questions about the site? See any bugs, dead links, incorrect info, etc. ? E-mail me at webmaster@hansonmerchandise.net!

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