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September 2008

September 24-26, 2008

Two new tour posters have been added to the Tour Posters section! These posters are currently available in the Hanson.net Store and on the Walk Around The World Tour.

Hey everyone! I have lots of merch updates to make today, so please bear with me as I update HM.net with the latest merchandise being sold on tour and in the H.net Store! What's coming:

+ "Take The Walk" EP
+ "Take The Walk" book
+ "I Took The Walk" shirt (added)
+ 2 new Tour posters (added)
+ Scarf (later)
+ Hoodie (later)

Want to preorder the Take The Walk book + EP? Visit the Hanson.net Store and click the Walk Book banner on the right.

Have you seen the new poll on the home page? I thought I would create one just for fun -- please take a second and vote!

September 23, 2008

I have added pictures of the new Hanson keychains that are being sold on The Walk tour to the Keychains section! (Thank you Hanson.net for the pics!) The Walk Coffee Table book + EP is available for preorder at the Hanson.net Store and at shows -- if you preorder online, you can download the EP tracks digitally! If you preorder at a show, you can walk out with the physical CD! So get buying people!!! ;) New shirts and the hoodie are also available on tour now, I am waiting until I have some clear pictures to officially post them here. I have updated the Tour Merch list with what I know!

More coming very soon!

p.s. I should point out -- because I have had a few questions about it recently -- that this web site is a Hanson merchandise resource for Hanson collectors. This site is not a "store", and you cannot "buy" every single thing that you see here - sorry! If you are interested in buying merchandise, check out the Buying page, go to Hanson.net's Store, or catch a Hanson show. :)

September 9, 2008

The Walk Around The World Tour has officially begun! A new tote bag and t-shirt have been added to the Other > Official section and 2006-2008 T-Shirt section, respectively! Thanks to Jess for the pics! I hope to keep up with the merch as it is debuted on tour. Please send in your pictures and I will give you full credit for them!!! Also keep an eye on the Tour Merch section ... I will be adding merchandise and prices there, too!

p.s. I hope you've seen the new Take The Walk web site. Go there and make a difference!! More on this soon.

September 7, 2008

Psst ... the Buy section is up! The page lists 75 different web sites where you can buy pretty much ... anything ... CDs, books, magazines, posters, looooots of stuff! Let me tell you that I have had a time trying to find TTMON on DVD -- it's like, impossible. Every site that I have been to has it backordered and/or out of stock. I'm still looking though! If you need help finding an item, let me know and I can hopefully find it! Happy buying!

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